“If I can't be wrong, I don't want to be right.”

These words were uttered by the immortal Dolt Overbite as he merged and acquired the largest social network conglomerate the world has ever seen. Narcissist Robot (http://narcissistrobot.com) was born out of Dolt's impecible aptitude for discerning what the public needs in a post-consumerism society. Follow the follies and foibles of the world's most powerful social media mogul and his family of 'interesting' characters...

Dolt & the Gang

Dolt Overbite - Patriarch
Dolt Overbite
Goldie Phun - Matriarch
Dr. Goldie Phun
Kat Overbite - Sassy Teen
Kat Overbite
Mungo Overbite - Rustic Genius
Mungo Overbite
Austin Von Weaver - Mega Pop Star
Austin Von Weaver
The Overbites
The Overbites

Dolt Overbite

Dolt Overbite

Dolt is the leader of the social media giant, NarcissistRobot.com

As a young boy, Dolt spent most of his time orchestrating corporate takeovers of his grammar school supply store. Detested by most of his teachers, Dolt learned very quickly how to survive on his own. He's always believed the Korean War was the "Great War" and even though he was too young to participate, while fighting in Vietnam, he went AWOL one night to fly to South Korea to find and marry Goldie Phun, who was experimenting with clones for the North Koreans.

Goldie Phun-Overbite

Goldie Phun-Overbite

Goldie Phun comes from a long line of Phuns who have been deeply involved in orchestrating the Asian takeover of the world.

After leaving medical school, Goldie decided she was very interested in the possibilities behind cloning humans and ridding humanity of those with poor taste in kimchi.

“Man who have no taste for kimchi probably have no balls.”

While many people find Goldie to be offensive, Dolt finds her to be the most beautiful, intriguing and dynamic woman he's ever found.

Kat Overbite

Kat Overbite

Kat is an enigma; a utopic nihilist, she longs for the day human civilization will implode and the earth fractures and revolts, sending all humans into outer-space to vaporize in solar flare-inspired storm, yet leave behind renewable resources for the insects that will survive the holocost and eventually resume civilization.

As president of the Young Republicans Club, she worked tirelessly to confuse and alienate almost everyone in the club. After several dystopic speeches about the death of capitalism, she lost her base entirely. Shortly thereafter she took over a militant arboreal protection agency called Mourning Wood. She is currently working on outlawing humans from looking directly into the tree's leaf stomas as this makes the trees feel threatened.

Mungo Overbite

Mungo Overbite

Mungo was once named most likely to have a three-story trailer by the time he was a sophomore in high school. This never happened because he chose to live in his AMC Rambler in the backyard, despite the pleadings of Dolt, who'd furnished him already with several Lotuses, Lamborghinis and Delorians.

Mungo is what is known as an idiot savant. He is extremely talented in the ways of inventing devices to generate power from discarded chewing gum, but has no social graces nor understands one single facet of human behavior and interaction. He dreams of the day he can live with Cooter in Hazzard County to help the Duke boys build a better nitro system for the General Lee.

Austin Von Weaver

Austin Von Weaver

Austin Von Weaver is a teenage singing sensation. He plays accordion and writes and performs his own material. Tackling such paramount subjects as date rape, drug abuse and hair care, he's solidified a core audience that parallels that of any other teenage singing sensation. As a Leif Garrett and Danny Bonaduce deciple, he's honed his performances to a fine-toothed comb.

The Overbites

The absurd and crazed happenings of Dolt, Goldie, Mungo and Kat Overbite!

The Overbites, social outliers, headed by patriarch Dolt Overbite, the multi-billionaire social media guru, his wife Goldie Phun, doctor at The Clone Company and kimchi enthusiast, daughter Kat, a green living extremist and finally son Mungo, a redneck genius with an affinity for rustic living; follow their adventures as they wreak havoc on the mundane and mediocre!

The Overbites are a funny bunch and encounter some strange characters... Characters will come in and out of their lives with no seeming consequence but somehow these creatures never seem to really go away.

As the episodes are built, more and more extraneous but recurring characters will appear here for a brief description.

Episode 2 - Emily Dickinson's not a Fag!

Or view all the episodes at our YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/theoverbites

Who is Faute de Mieux?

This started out as a conversation between Steve Mancini and Jeff Brayne one day. They were yapping on the phone about nothing as usual when, the strange topic of collaborating on something with the potential for success entered the conversation. After briefly discussing their affinities for canned studio audience laugh tracks, they embarked upon the project of a lifetime for them, The Overbites - Social Outliers.

Operating on a shoe-string budget, they've borrowed computers, microphones, software and caffeine to assemble their initial release, Episode 1 - Kat Gets Roofied. They're currently working on new episodes and already have 5 in the queue.

Faute de Mieux, which is roughly translated to 'For Want of Something Better', was born and will continue to govern Jeff and Steve's creative endeavors.

Frankie VanHooser has been added to the lineup for Episode 2 as chief animal wrangler and animator!

The Overbite's Heroes

There are certain people in one's life without whom one can not succeed. We have a list of these people and would like to call them out by name.

From the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to thank:

  • Jessica Brayne
  • Cameron Brayne
  • Geoff Hoff
  • Georgie Jessel

What They're Saying

What is this thing?
You're all weird.

Jenna F. - Wykoff, NJ

By the way.... your animated comic strip is weird... and f*****g awesome.... kudos...

Paul S. - Morristown, NJ

LMAO!!!!!! I love Kat!!!!!! I really love it!!

Carolyn C. - Chicago, IL

The characters were incredibly interesting. I laughed at the animation style (like how the chihuahua shakes as it talks and how the character's teeth move to show mouth movement).
I thought that made the whole thing stand out.
I laughed at Lenny Kravitz being a nice Jewish boy and the idea that Kat was knocked out so that her hair could be brushed.
I imagine the cartoon is really trippy if you've had a few!

Jason E. - Somerset, NJ

This is really reminiscent of something I think I would have seen when I was tripping back in the mid 70s. I have no idea what that means, but I'd watch this again.

I think I have a crush on Goldie.

Scott M. - Phoenix, AZ

The deliberate pace and bizarre dialog makes for an extremely funny cartoon. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I laughed out loud twice. Great work guys! I can't wait to see more!

John K. - New York, NY

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